shared_ptr revisited

I have received a lot of feedback regarding the shared_ptr article and a lot of it points to a few missing bits. I thought I may as well return to the regular stream of articles with shared_ptr. Let us look at them in more depth than earlier. Read on to look at how const, custom deleters and make_shared work with a shared_ptr.

Articles will resume this week

Articles were on hold because of a minor health problem preventing me from sitting at the computer. The next article should be here this week.

Variadic Templates Part 1

C++11 brings to us something very interesting in the form of Variadic Templates. In this article, we'll look at (some) aspects of this feature in the context of functions. If you want to see how we can make type safe functions with variable number of arguments, please read further.


In the past it was painful to work on text using only the C++ core language and library. Not anymore: we finally have a regular expressions as part of the C++11 library. Read the full article to see introductory examples for searching, matching and replacement of regular expressions.


Lambda Expressions are a popular feature in many programming languages and have finally made their way into C++. They are a feature of convenience and allow us to write certain parts of code in a more readable fashion. Read on to see a few simple examples.


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